The paedophile's' progress: a view from below

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Here then in a nutshell is a history of attempts to stop people even discussing paedophilia and the problem it raises. First at a London hotel a meeting is banned; next at a university interested parties are banned from attendance; and finally at the first public meeting of paedophiles ever to take place in England a situation of intimidation, hostility and assault. This whole period of moral outrage - in which of course the press played a leading role - provides a clear instance of the degree of public hostility awaiting paedophile organizations that attempt to challenge the orthodox viewpoint.

source: Article 'The paedophile's' progress: a view from below' by Ken Plummer (Lecturer in Sociology, Essex University); From the book 'Perspectives on Paedophilia' edited by Brian Taylor (Lecturer in Sociology, University of Sussex); Batsford Academic and Educational Ltd; 1981