The paedophile panic: a product of elite hysteria

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After all, as Brendan O'Neill wrote four years ago, it wasn't the mob who, in the 1980s, rounded up adults in Cleveland, believing them to be practising ritual Satanic abuse of children. That was the act of social workers. And it wasn't a paedo-suspecting mass who spent time churning out verbiage on the supposed existence of Satanic and witchcraft sects. That was the work of Marxism Today. During the 1990s the same pattern of elite-sponsored fear and the subsequent issuing of false accusations was all too apparent. And again, it wasn't local communities coming together to unmask the paedophiles at nearby children's homes, such as Bryn Estyn in North Wales - it was an unholy alliance of purpose-seekers, from the police to left-leaning journalists. Dave Jones, then the manager of Southampton Football Club, was only the most famous casualty of these witch-hunts; the lives of many more innocent, well-intentioned care workers were also tainted with the nasty, grubby suspicions of officials and journalists.

source: Article 'The paedophile panic: a product of elite hysteria' by Tim Black;; spiked; 3 March 2010