The shaded area

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When I talk to guys one of the frustrations of their life was the lack of ways to channel their sexuality in their teens. [...] They jerked off like crazy rabbits but longed for more. A freer view of sexuality is necessary. Breaking the Age Taboo is part of it. Why should e.g. youth be expected to "discover their sexuality" by themselves? Well, that unquestioned thought is one of the ways to control Man's sexuality when he is a Boy. It also leads to bad sex and later regrets. Sex Libertarians dare to challenge the Age Taboo in their thinking. It is time for every social critic to see the cultural significance and structural role of it all. It's about existential life and death for Man at the stage when he is a Boy.

source: Article 'The shaded area' by Oscar Swartz (founder of Sweden's first Internet Service Provider in 1994 and columnist); Destroyer #2; October 2006