The solution of the pedophilia problem: The lowering of the age of sexual consent

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THE SOLUTION OF THE PEDOPHILIA PROBLEM: THE LOWERING OF THE AGE OF SEXUAL CONSENT examines the major junctures at which the lives of pedophile people intersect with the law. The monograph looks at the stereotypes that comprise pedophilophobia. The major areas covered include pedophilia crime, pedophilia as sexual orientation, minor's sexual rights, and legal solutions. Interweaving discussions of relevant legal cases and authorities with studies in psychology and law, Tuziak deftly details areas of sexual maturity, prejudice, social norms and judicial precedents in international law, and shows readers the impact they have on the daily lives of pedophiles, persons with pedophilic sexual orientation and minors' sexual rights. The result is a valuable resource for providing useful information to lawyers and others working with pedophiles (sexual offenders), persons with pedophilic sexual orientation and about how to counsel and empower couples with the big age differences.

source: About the book 'The Solution of the Pedophilia Problem: The Lowering of the Age of Sexual Consent' by Bogdan Tuziak;; Paperback, 96 pages; Book from: 12 May 2018