UK sex-ed book condemned by pro-family groups

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A newly released sex education manual for children aged 13 to 16, put out by the UK's Family Planning Association, is being harshly criticized by pro-family groups as inappropriate for children. The booklet includes information on how to perform various sexual acts including anal and oral sex, and includes a chapter titled, "How can I be good at sex?" One example found in the chapter explains, "No-one is born sexually experienced, and most of the fun is learning. Talk to your partner. Ask what they like. Be aware of their feelings as well as your own pleasure." The booklet encourages children to explore their homosexual attractions, and contains details on masturbation. [...]

Family and Youth Concern Director Norman Wells said, "Publications like this one serve only to normalize sexual activity among young people under the age of consent." Sexual intercourse is legal between consenting persons who are 16 years old in England and 17 in Scotland. "The whole tone of the leaflet cheapens sex rather than attempting to preserve its special character as an expression of the total self-giving between a husband and wife in the context of a lifelong committed marriage," Wells added.

source: Article 'UK sex-ed book condemned by pro-family groups';; Catholic World News; 13 June 2005