Web 2.0 hero - Meet Josh, founder of Milkboys.org

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[Josh (23), founder of Milkboys.org:] There are plans for a new set of sexual laws in Germany that would make sites like Milkboys illegal. With the new laws a 17 year old boy who e-mails his girlfriend a photo of himself posing nude could be punished for production and distribution of child porn! Even photos of people looking like under 18 would apply to this law, even if they're not nude but "posing in an insinuating way" ... Isn't that crazy?

All over the world politicians are going crazy and try to force us into police states. It's important that we keep fighting against their delusions. That's why I love Destroyer and that's were I see the connection between Destroyer and Milkboys, we're standing up for the same thing: Boys are not illegal. Teenage boys have the right to live their own lives, to make their own decisions.

source: Article 'Web 2.0 Hero - Meet Josh, founder of Milkboys.org' by Karl Andersson; Destroyer #7; July 2008