What is one thing you caught your child doing that you wish you had never seen?

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My two year old daughter had an orgasm. Right in front of me. From grinding her little vagina on the corner of her toddler sized ottoman. [...] To this day, I still don't know why she tried to hold herself up on the sides of it and hump the corner of it. I have no idea where she got that idea. I just remember watching her and wondering if she was itchy, or had a UTI, or some other scary thing that a dad who grew up with only brothers had never experienced. Then she did it. She let out this low guttural sound, ignored everyone around her, and then stood up fresh as a daisy. ....Oh.....My.....God....Did...She...Just... If I could have bleached my brain I would have. So my enlightened reaction is to make a doctors appointment who informs me that this is a thing called Toddler Masturbation!

[Reaction by Elizabeth Cotten, Natural mother of 2, "surrogate" mother of hundreds via preschool students:] I walked in on my 12 year old son masturbating with a sock in the living room. Backstory: I went to take some clean laundry in my son's room barefoot and walked across a crusty carpet. I knew what it was because his my ex used to do this too. When he came home I had a talk with him about how it was natural etc and asked that he do it in a tissue or dirty white clothing like a sock or something because it can bleach towels etc (I know this for a Fact). I then had him clean up the carpet and thought that was the end of it.

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