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[Will McBride, artist:] How then do states all over the world get boys to become soldiers? How is it that they are perfectly willing to go to war, to kill and be killed? From the very beginning the will to fight is developed through games. And the boys are enthusiastic about these games to the greatest degree. Attacking, defending, fighting and killing are the ultimate fun experience, and in games, this can go indefinitely. Computer games offer the opportunity to kill without end. At a certain point some of these boys decide to be soldiers. They are selected, they are set apart, they are robbed of their sex life and they become aggressive monsters. Then they are ready to go to war. [...]

I think that this suppression of boys' sexual selfawareness has a direct relationship to war. The boy's core is stamped with self-realization, drive towards freedom, a large portion of curiosity and a great interest in sex. The urge, the need to have orgasms is extreme. Much earlier than Freud supposed does sexual tension overcome the boy, who releases this generally through masturbation. This practice is as natural as the antagonism produced among the general public. The penis, especially when erect, is one of society's most abhorred taboos. The state thrives on this. The state needs the growing boy for the most part without his sex. It replaces the (lost) penis with tools and weapons. The results can be freely displayed: the penis may not, and the resulting shame, frustration, fear and anger are what the state uses. Naturally, the boy is expected to have sex (under covers), especially with girls. But he can't show his cock. In the media, the penis is just non-existent, even in TV pornography. To this date, no one has been able to explain to me why this should be so - as the penis is absolutely necessary to keep mankind on the planet, it should be praised and exhalted, shown all over rather than remain hidden. The procedure of confirming to society's wish that boys be molded into feebleminded, dulled and dimwitted, optically castrated people, capable at any time of blind aggression, makes me sick. Love, tolerance, understanding and feeling for others are necessary for a peaceful society! If these positive attributes were furthered in society's education of boys, war could be annihilated altogether. [...]

When I consider that all the games boys play have to do with combat, competition, and winning, then I think this makes a sensible future for mankind impossible. But we shouldn't give in. We only have to learn to achieve peace without fighting. Because that is the real goal we are looking for - peace and happiness for everybody.

source: Article 'The Artist & The Boy II'; Destroyer #5; September 2007