Would Australia's PM ban Botticelli?

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Coming of age is the subject matter of the bildungsroman; most of our art is concerned with it one way or another. The chief inspiration for any artist is her childhood and youth, yet even when young people give their own account of their experiences, the result is deemed indecent. In Florida last year, teenagers who made videos of their own sexual activity were charged with "producing, directing or promoting a photograph featuring the sexual conduct of a child". Meanwhile the models on our catwalks are, or pretend to be, gangling adolescents. Every year, fashion magazines produce a new crop of schoolgirl models. Mothers may look at pictures like Henson's and howl with fear; but the man who rejects them with exaggerated horror is appalled not by the works themselves but by his own response to them. Innocence is not an option.

source: 'Would Australia's PM ban Botticelli?' by Germaine Greer (feminist writer); blogs.guardian.co.uk/art/2008/06/would_australias_pm_ban_bottic.html; guardian.co.uk; 16 June 2008